Vocational Degree 1, 2 & 3 years

Degree Vocational Courses (V)


Course                                                                    Semesters                                 Eligibility

B.MLT (V)                                                                     Six                              Intermediate (Any Stream)

B.Physiotherapy (V)                                                     Six                              Intermediate (Any Stream)

B.Optometry & Ophthalmic Tech. (V)                          Six                              Intermediate (Any Stream)

B.Hospital Management (V)                                        Six                              Intermediate (Any Stream)

B.Operation Theatre Technology (V)                           Six                              Intermediate (Any Stream)

B.Dialysis Technology (V)                                            Six                              Intermediate (Any Stream)

B.Cardic Care Technology (V)                                     Six                               Intermediate (Any Stream)

B.Radiology & Medical Imaging Tech (V)                   Six                               Intermediate (Any Stream)

B. Medical Record Technology (V)                              Six                                Intermediate (Any Stream)


Facilities & Benefits

1.) After completion of these courses, the candidates can get one year of Apprenticeship Training along with a monthly stipend in Government & PVT. Hospitals etc. The concerned Board will also give the certificate of proficiency and provide employment opportunities.

2.) Each course will have 30 seats only.

3.) All the above courses are eligible for State and Central Government jobs or the eligible candidates can open up their own labs, clinics taking bank loans.

4.) Practical Training at Govt. Hospitals, like Gandhi Hospital, Fever Hospital, and Corporate Hospitals The courses are equivalent to Intermediate (10+2) and the candidates are eligible for higher studies (i.e. degree courses).

5.) Bus Passes and Government Scholarship facilities available for all students.

6.) Hostel facility available for both boys/girls separately.


Our Message

From The Secretary, TS-Board of Intermediate Education

In any developing society with a booming population, Vocational Education occupies an important position for generating large scale employment opportunities, Viewed in this context, Vocationalisation of secondary education was introduced in 1988 at the intermediate level. The Government of India has developed a National Vocational Education Qualifications Framework for establishing a clear path for vocational education from the school level to the highest level, NSQF is to bring greater value to system of vocational education. The primary aim of this reform is to prepare the students with employable skills for absorption in organized sectors also for self employment. Greater emphasis is being placed on laboratory work and "On the Job training"




Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to empower students with Perfect education, creative thinking, skills, and Practical Knowledge. We are here to provide a Strong learning that values Change in learning, and ethical leadership. Through various academic programs and Practical learning Courses, we aim to develop students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to step into a fast-growing world.


Our vision is to be the best college of intermediate & higher learning known for excellence in education, practical skills, and Knowledge. We inspire students to be successful in their careers and lead professional lives in today's Society. We intend to shape students for future generations with great learning knowledge, Skills, etc.