Terms and conditions

Rules to be followed by students

Every student admitted and studying in a respective course here in this college, should clearly understand the implications of the rules  regarding admission, attendance, discipline, examinations and fees of this college.Every student of the college shall conduct himself/herself in a disciplined manner both inside and outside the campus.He/She is expected to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the college.Students must be punctual in all respects such as attendance, submission of records/ assignments and in payment of fees etc. Every student shall be present in the class as per the class timetable.During the leisure hours, the students are expected to be in the library.During the class hours, they are strictly forbidden from loitering in the corridors and the campus.Every student is expected to strictly stick to the uniform code.Students shall not absent themselves from classes without genuine reasons endorsed by parents.Any misbehaviour on the part of the student shall be severely dealt with.No student shall organize or participate in any picnics or tours without the permission of the Principal. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate.Ragging in any form is prohibited. Students found guilty of indulging or participating in ragging would face disciplinary action for “gross   misconduct” which may result in removal of the name from the record of the college.Students damaging any property of the college will have to pay the damages caused to such property apart from facing disciplinary action.Students should wear the prescribed uniform including name plates for both classes and postings.

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